Hickory Lane
things i cannot live without: cheese, beer, and cats.

the bravest of spring blossoms

Dust Storm, Rajasthan, India
Exhibition at Kunsthalle Erfurt, GermanyOpens February 21,2014
Beetles & Huxley Fine PhotographsLondon, UKOpens May 12, 2014Afghanistan

each morning at 8:30am when i trudge through cold winds to reach my hot breakfast, i remind myself that this winter is ending soon. this winter of stillness and suffocating snow, plopped onto the ground week after week. this winter of brisk walks through whiplash winds, no time to spare a kind word to the passersby. this winter of burrowing further and further into myself, little enjoyment from the company of others. 

yes, i am a lover of the season of snowflakes and blizzards, the season of thick socks and crisp air. the stubbornness of winter, that fierce power to push us all indoors, continues to impress me year after year. i honor you for that, your consistency in relentlessness.

but there comes a time when hot cocoa cradled in my hands no longer charms me, when the fall of snowflakes outside my window just brings more sludge to push my boots through. 

i am ready for my 8:30am walk to be that of golden light illuminating the land, the air filling my lungs with moisture and promise. i am ready for rain showers to stain the tree trunks that deep grey brown and to brighten those baby greens which appear slowly on the branches. i am ready for the smiles which push their way onto our faces as if they were crocuses pushing upward through stiff earth.  

each morning i am reminded that this winter is ending soon. 

A sculpture class c.1900

John Loengard, who photographed the Beatles in a Florida swimming pool 50 years ago this month, shares the story of making the famous picture—and explains why he doesn’t really like the photo all that much.  (Photo: John Loengard—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Ballyvolane House by Beth Kirby